Therapeutic sessions for whom?

Doctor Prabhã Calderón accompanies the therapeutic process of adults, of those who have relational and existential difficulties, of those who have suffered emotional traumas for a long time in their family, or in their workplace, or in their couple…
Her approach is based on the Quantum Psychology of Stephen Wolinsky. It is a process of deep introspection that allows you to let go of the false self acquired in childhood.

It is important to know that your emotional traumas are not de result of what happened to you. Your emotionnal traumas are the result of hypnotic certainties that were anchored in your psyche as a result of what happened to you.
The proposal of Prabhã Calderón is that you let go of all the mental voices in your head, to stay with the voice of your Authentic Self only.

In order to get real benefits from your sessions, each consultation lasts ONE AND A HALF HOURS. The price of each session online is: 80 € TTC. That is to say 120 € TTC for one hour and a half, paid in advance. Your sessions can be recorded if you wish.

To request information or a first consultation online, send an e-mail to Prabhã Calderón:


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