Who is Prabhã Calderón ?

Who am I?

For more than 25 years, I have been helping my clients and students to question their « usual character ». Through a process of “dehypnosis”, I help them to wake up from their restricted beliefs, their hypnotic mechanisms and repetitive patterns that make them suffer, as well as the primary certainty that runs their life.

The tools I offer them are based on Dr. Stephen Wolinsky’s « Quantum Psychology ». This method is a real neurolinguistic deprogramming.

Thanks to these tools my clients and students:

  • Wake up from their hypnotic “identity”.
  • Become their own guide and therapist
  • Fully embody their psycho-emotional autonomy.
  • Stop thinking and listen to the voice of their authentic Being.

Born in Mexico in 1948, I became a Belgian citizen in 1998. I studied medicine and, among other things, Bioenergetic Character Analysis with Alexandre Lowen, Glaudian hypnosis, the Enneagram with Anne Linden…

My book on Narcissistic Personality Disorder and Dysfunctional Dependency is entitled: “Narcissistic Hell”, “Get Out of This Hypnotic Madness”, Sydney Laurent Publishing. Published in February 2022.

I am currently based in the north of France and my consultations are held online. My intention is that everyone can wake up from their hypnotic “identity”.



Prabha Calderon

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